I'm a audiovisual artist, musician and composer.
I also make some digital art, expecially pixel abstraction and CG. Each of my illustration is accompanied by a piece of music. As a bonus, all works can be viewed in augmented reality. So, this builds up a complete visual and auditory composition that expands the boundaries of human perception and creates a unique universe around each artworks.

Participated in the NUR International Media Arts Festival.
In addition to my old works, I presented a new artwork called "Bait".
Our collaboration with @velpokes
and @Beycyc
was shown on the biggest media facade in Europe.
<Augmented Reality/>
I've been an augmented reality developer for the last 3 years. Throughout this time I have been experimenting in the field of art, translating and augmenting my art with augmented reality elements. I am the founder of the ARG' project, which acts as an independent online gallery in AR format. During the project's existence, several AR exhibitions have been created, as well as dozens of projects in the fashion industry, medicine and architecture.