<Project “Comfortable”/>
They say that social networks are badly affected, the virtual world has replaced real life, and our generation is doomed. We repeat this, sitting all in the same social networks. But there is a big difference between “active use” and “abuse”.

We hate and find flaws in any action of our friends / acquaintances, and we sit on the ass exactly. It is easy to succumb to the opinions of others and condemn, because you don’t need to think like that - it’s convenient. But before that, everything was more or less convenient, plans were made for the future, how to spend the summer, what ideas to implement ... And literally in a week, nothing remained of relevance.

It is necessary to analyse everything and look at things from different angles. Then it turns out to use what the world offers you as a tool for improving it, and not turn it into a means for wasting time. This exhibition will feature portraits in digital art format.
<You can download and try out the AR-exhibition/>