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Russian NFT community, comprised of: "NFT-Bastards" and "Non Fungible Females" brought together over 85 crypto-artists. To unite and take action in support of independent media.
And also to express my personal position on the censorship that is slowly destroying and stifling everyone. To tell people about NFT and the united Russian-speaking community.

Full size: (PNG) 3072x3072 px
Date of art creation: 04.05.2021
Technique: Pixel Art/Digital Handpoke
<About the project/>
More than 80 Russian-speaking artists and media persons from NFT-Bastards and Non-Fungible Females united to hold this action of support for the independent media "Meduza" and solidarity against the censorship that is gradually stifling and destroying everyone.

Each artist create a symbol — Medusa Gorgon or a letter "M" in Meduza identity style. Then we merge all artworks into one showreel and put it on a auction.
The action start on Thu May 27th, 2021 on cryptoplatform Rarible.com
It will consist of two parts:
1. auction for an exclusive collaborative artwork
2. artwork in multiple copies with an affordable prices for all who want to support Meduza by buying NFT art.
All incomes (except organizational fees) are transferred to Meduza in ETH cryptocurrency.